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Добре дошли в света на възприятията!

Подобрете присъствието на бранда ви и се отличете от конкуренцията.

graphic and web design

94% от посетители на сайта ви биха напуснали моментално, ако присъства лош графичен дизайн.

Отнема 50 микросекунди на човек да разбере призива на бранда ви.

Човешкият мозък възприема визуализациите 60 000 пъти по-бързо, отколкото текст.

92.6% от потребителите споделят, че цветът е сред  определящите при вземането на решение за покупка.

Нашата експертиза

graphic design

Графичен дизайн

Всичко, от което вашия бранд се нуждае на едно място. Лого дизайн, визитни картички, постери, каталози и много други.

web design

Уеб дизайн

Можете да очаквате персонализиран подход, внимателно изработени дизайни, които отразяват индивидуалността и целите на вашия бранд, както и безупречна функционалност.

advertising graphic design

Рекламен графичен дизайн

Рекламата може да е както дигитална, така и външна. Може да присъства из всички социални мрежи, но може да се помести и в билборд. Възможностите са безкрайни.

graphic design faqs
  • 1. What are the possible Google advertising options?
    The three main and most used campaign types in Google Ads are: - Search campaign - Display campaign - Video campaign Choosing the right type of campaign varies according to the goals, needs and strategy of each business.
  • 2. How much does Google Ads cost?
    The cost to advertise on Google ads can depend on several factors - competition, industry, and business goals. One of Google's advantages is that costs can be controlled on several levels. The daily budget is determined by the formula: monthly budget / average number of days in a month = average daily budget. For example, with a monthly budget of 600€ / 30.4 (average days in the month) = 19€/day. Researching the keywords you want to advertise on plays an extremely large role in determining your budget.
  • 3. How long before I see results from a Google Ads ads?
    This issue is strictly individual to each business and industry. There are many factors that determine how quickly results can be seen - proper setup, advertising messages, offers, website and last but not least - budget. Typically (but not always) Search campaigns take up to 1-2 weeks to see results, whereas Display campaigns can take longer. For brand new advertising accounts, it can take up to 3 months with proper maintenance and optimization to see solid results.
  • 4. What is the minimum budget to start with in Google Ads?
    There is no minimum budget threshold for advertising on Google Ads. After researching your desired keywords, a budget that is suitable can be suggested. You can always start with a smaller budget and then increase as needed.
  • 5. Is it worth advertising on Google Ads?
    Success in Google Ads depends on factors such as competition in your business, the service/product you offer, your website, etc. When properly setup and managed, Google Ads is a great opportunity to reach new customers and increase your sales.
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